Tana Mongeau Sparks Rumors She Was Dating Mac Miller with Moving Tribute

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The death of Mac Miller hit Hollywood hard. The 26-year-old left a huge impact both on celebrities and fans, and countless individuals spoke out to express their love for him in the wake of his passing. Tana Mongeau wrote a powerful tribute to the late rapper just hours after the news broke, but certain words in it have people wondering if perhaps she and Malcolm McCormick (Mac’s real name) were secretly dated before his death.

The 20-year-old YouTube star posted a screenshot of a heartfelt text conversation the two had just a week ago in which Mac called her “incredible” and “one of a kind” and said she “deserves the world.”

The caption of the text convo now simply reads, “i love you Malcolm. i love you,” but once was WAY more detailed. The blonde said she had “the privilege of loving [Mac] for years” and his passion for life and music bad her “fall for [him]” hard.

She also explained that she wanted to go to his house the night before his alleged drug overdose. “What I would do for you to tuck my hair behind my ear and kiss me one last time,” she continued.

tana mongeau dated mac miller

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Many people assume this was Tana’s way of revealing she and Mac had some sort of romantic relationship, which they think is incredibly inappropriate and selfish, given the timing.

Tana eventually apologized to the people she upset and let everyone know that she wasn’t trying to gain clout, but rather express her love and appreciation for the late rapper.

“i just want to apologize to ANYONE that was upset by my post or took it the wrong way. bottom line. i loved malcolm so much & never would want any one to think my intentions were anything but true. he was truly the only thing bringing me happiness in such a depressed part of life. i looked up to him for years. he was my hero. getting to know him changed my life.. that is why i was so quick to share my personal love for him. i wanted to show you the perspective i saw him from. human. not just an rip post. not just a tweet & something everyone moves on from. i want him to be remembered for the incredible person he was & i was sharing my experience.. however i can see how people could perceive that post differently not knowing how close i was with him & that breaks my heart & i’m sorry for that. it isn’t about me. it never will be. it’s about Malcolm James Mccormick & how f*cking incredible he was. i was seeing so many posts dehumanizing him. he wasn’t just an ex or unhappy. he was human. he was happy. he was excited for tour. he was excited to shoot that music video.. he was excited for life. i just want anyone who sees this to know how much i loved him & how heartbroken i am. i’m sorry to anyone i’ve upset because that was truly my last intention. i wasn’t doing that for attention. i was trying to tell you how much i loved him. but i understand how it could’ve been perceived differently and again i’m sorry. but there’s no ‘affair’ or any of those crazy allegations.. just someone i spent all of my time for awhile lately consumed with talking to & loving. but i’m truly sorry if anything i said painted a different picture. all i want for him.”

Tana, like so many others, is clearly heartbroken over Mac’s tragic death. While her execution may have not been the best, her intentions were good.