Tana Mongeau’s Former Friend Performs Illegal Act to Prove YouTube Star is a Liar

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The feud between Tana Mongeau and her former assistant is heating up. The YouTube star and Alyssa Cardiff got into a public spat a couple weeks ago after the latter accused Tana of not paying her money she was owed, providing bad working conditions, etc. In fact, the assistant, who was once friends with the blonde, made an hour-long video providing receipts that show she is telling the truth and it’s actually the social media star who’s being shady.

The biggest revelation from Alyssa’s video came when she basically called Tana out for lying about the security at her apartment complex, which would then make her stories about her stalker also untrue. The 18-year-old was furious about the allegations and said her former employee was straight-up fibbing and knew for a fact that the housing unit was secure. So what did Alyssa do? She drove to the apartment building and filmed herself entering every gate with no problem, not once being met by a guard.

But there’s a little problem with Alyssa’s act — not only is it illegal for her to trespass on a property that’s not hers, but also it apparently wasn’t an accurate depiction of what really goes on in the complex.

“When she first started working for me, I showed her all the back entrances and then she filmed them all — that’s illegal,” Tana explained during a recent live stream. “The door that she used saying that the security boxes didn’t work literally is a random door that I taught her how to use; like, no one knows where that is. It IS high security and when I moved there it was a lot higher security than when I moved out, hence why I moved out…I’m not a liar.”

While the teen says she’s done talking about this and defending herself, we highly doubt we’ve heard the last between the two former pals. Drama, drama, drama!
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