Talent Recap, Episode Three: “Do You Need to Take an Emotional Crap?”

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The girls of Talent, Harper and Danielle, seem to be on a total high. They’ve just moved to L.A., scored Harper a record deal, and found a chic Hollywood pad. But on the latest eppie of the show, their luck is quickly running out.

Just as they’re getting ready to celebrate their new place with a fun day of makeovers, the jerky (but oh-so-hot) record label guy calls to let Danielle know that Harper’s scheduled to meet with a music producer…in 20 minutes!

Watch on to catch the funniest episode of Talent yet!

After a not-so-nice greeting at the door, the ladies meet Markus, who’s less than excited to hear Harper’s “pop twit” singing. Watch on to see the comedy ensue as Markus asks Harper if her strained voice needs to take “an emotional crap”:


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