Talent Recap Episode 6: Well, This Is Awkward

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Ready for a drama-filled episode of Talent? We know you are! In this ep, Danielle and Gabe must deal with the repercussions of their drunken night together and a really, REALLY awkward walk of shame on Gabe’s behalf.

But first, the girls get ready for another night on the town at a star-studded Victus Records release party for Kenzie Walsh (AKA Talent: The Casting Call’s winner Logen Hall). As it turns out, Kenzie is debuting Harper’s song, On My Way. Um, what?!

Read on to watch all the dramz!

Luckily for Harper, sweetheart Kenzie gives her the song-writing props she deserves! You definitely don’t want to miss this episode. It features Logen Hall’s debut single On My Way (which you can grab on iTunes here!).


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