Exclusive! Logen Hall Dishes On Her Fave Shows And OMG, They’re Our Faves, Too

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Have you yet noticed our obsession with Talent winner Logen Hall? Well, it just got way bigger after we found out that Logen is obsessed with one of our favorite shows. Or, like, 3 of our favorite shows, plus two of our fave singers. If there could be a BFF soulmate, Logen would totes be it.

Click on to find out more in our exclusive Q+A!

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Teen.com: So, tell us about your role in Talent!
Logen: I play Kenzie, a superstar who has a golden heart.

Teen.com: How does Talent compare to other reality competition shows like American Idol?
Logen: There’s an elimination after every performance and the winner gets a recording contract on Talent. It gives you the opportunity to be discovered.

Teen.com: Do you have any favorite AI finalists?
Logen: Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

Teen.com: Us too! What was it like filming Talent?
Logen: It was such an honor. I’m finally able to live out my dream. I’ve wanted to be on a show since I was in elementary school watching Lizzie McGuire!

Teen.com: We love Lizzie McGuire too! What other shows are you loving right now?
Logen: I’m really into The Bachelor, The Real Housewives and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I have several seasons of Gossip Girl on DVD and love to watch them at night or on trips. But Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show. All the girls are in high school and they’re relatable to me. But if it were me I would have already texted “A” back!

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