Talent Episode Five Recap: U Don’t Suck Like I Thought U Would

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In every show and movie of the past, oh, 20 years, it’s an unwritten rule that every makeover moment must be accompanied by some form of musical montage. If you don’t dance around with your friends to a kick butt pop song while parading chic threads and applying loads of makeup, then you really should try it out. Trust us, this type of thing should NOT only happen in Hollywood.

It’s safe to say that eppie 5 of Talent has one of the most adorable musical makeover montages of recent memory, with Harper receiving tons of free clothes from Victus Records and sharing the wealth with Bianca and Danielle.

Read on to watch the girls’ amazing transformations!

Luckily, our girls didn’t get dressed up for nothing! Bianca’s got the hook up at one of the hottest clubs in town, but the night gets a little messy when Danielle runs into Gabe at the same hot spot. We won’t give anything else away besides the fact that you DON’T want to miss the jaw-to-the-floor-dropping ending!


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