Talent Recap: Can the Girls Share the Stage (And the Spotlight) With a Pro?

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After last week’s nursery rhyme (and tear-filled) singing challenge, it was back to the stage for the Talent girls, who learned they’d be performing alongside a professional actress this time around!

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So, who’d they get to partner with for the challenge? Read on to watch the episode!

Host Elizabeth Chambers tells the girls that their co-star is the gorg-eous Alix Gitter from the upcoming movie Silver Falls! In their scene with her, each contestant must play a girl whose friend transforms her confidence right before an audition. Um, sounds like something a few of these girls could use.

Logen and Danielle start off the challenge strong (like really, really strong), but Anna’s nerves get the best of her and she forgets half the lines! Major fail. Grace, on the other hand, nails the lines, but gives a performance that the judges call “panicky”.

So, which girl is going home and who’s staying to be part of the final three(!)? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

P.S. How major were BC Jean‘s hair extensions in this ep? Like or dislike? Tell us below.