Talent Recap: The Girls Have to Act Without (Gasp!) Makeup!

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After the premiere episode of Talent, the new reality competition where one girl has the opportunity to win a TV role and recording contract, we were kinda bummed that no one got eliminated. That’s half the fun of reality shows, right?

Needless to say, it’s time to send some girls home. Read on to watch episode two of Talent!

When we last left the girls, the judges had spared Sade and Suzi because it’s a singing and acting competition and they didn’t want to base their decision just on the singing alone.

Host Elizabeth Chambers immediately added a twist to the competition by telling the girls that they need to go totally natural for the acting competition…by scrubbing off all their makeup. Nightmare!

The girls are then asked to play the parts of two friends who are after the same guy…yikes! But we have to say, these girls can ACT! We were blown away by their performances, but even so, someone had to go…

To find out which girl got the boot, start watching below!


Next up: The ladies will have to perform some of the most popular songs of all time. NBD. Check back for the new ep on Tuesday!