Say What?! Taio Cruz Hates Being Famous

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Well, ‘hate’ is kind of a strong word, but let’s just say rapper Taio Cruz is so over the whole “popstar” thing. Interesting, cause he’s only actually been famous for like, a month (we kid, we kid)…

In a new interview, Taio said he’s way more into the behind-the-scenes aspect of the music biz than the performing aspect of it.

Could this be the beginning of the end of the “Dynamite” singer’s career?!

He said:

“I was the kid who was quiet at school, who sat in the corner, wrote songs and sang to himself.”


“I can see a period when I’m not a popstar anymore. I don’t really enjoy it. I wouldn’t want to be on stage performing the same songs over and over again. But I’d like to be able to write and stay creative. It bothers my record company that people don’t know who I am. Personally, I like the anonymity. I like not having paparazzi camping outside my house.”

Do you wish Taio was “more famous?” Would you miss him if he stopped making music for good?