Switched at Birth Recap: Will Regina and Catherine Ever Really Be Friends?

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If you missed last night’s Switched at Birth ep “The Persistence of Memory,” you definitely missed a ton of excitement. From Daphne starting a fire in cooking class to Toby stealing tests; there was a LOT going on! And of course, we can’t forget about those moments when we were ready to grab the box of tissues, like when Daphne opened up about her past at hearing schools or when Regina and Catherine finally connect. Basically, last night’s Switched at Birth was just like really, really good.

If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. Click on to read our SAB recap!

1. Fire burning. Daphne’s start at Bunker Hill goes nothing like planned. She comes to take an advanced cooking class, and when she doesn’t hear the timer go off, she nearly starts a fire! Daphne becomes the target of several mean girls in the class, but lucky for her Wilke shows his sweet side and stands up for her.
2. After last week, everyone started worrying about Toby. And it turns out Toby is in more trouble than everyone realized, since he’s now $10,000 in debt. Even though he discussed it with his dad, Toby decides it’s best to earn this money back himself, though not in the right way. He winds up breaking into the school and stealing a ton of midterms to sell.
3. Just the way she is. Catherine and Regina get into another heated argument when it comes to Daphne having a very serious surgery that could allow her to hear certain things again. Regina tells Catherine that instead of trying to change Daphne, she should just try to learn more about deaf culture. In the end a heartfelt connection happens between the two, as Catherine does some signing to Regina.
4. John’s friend Dale, a member of the hospital board, tells him that he should accept the settlement offered by the hospital in the lawsuit. Neither John nor Catherine are happy with the settlement, but John agrees to it in the end. Later the lawyer tells them that the hospital has withdrawn their settlement, which probably means they know something. What dirty secret could they be hiding?
5. Bay quickly gets over Ty leaving and begins to bond with Emmett as he starts to help her search for her biological father. The two find themselves searching through Regina’s boxes for clues. Bay ends up finding her birth certificate which listed her father’s name on it. Bay and Emmett are so adorable as they get closer. Could it be that Bay not only found her dad, but a new BF, too?

Do you think Regina and Catherine will manage to keep cool for long? Will Toby get busted for stealing the tests? Do you think Bay and Emmett are gonna wind up together? Tell us in the comments!