Switched at Birth Recap: Will Ty and Bay Stay Together?

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Last night’s episode of Switched at Birth was so heartfelt. Between Toby and Daphne’s brother-sister bonding time to Bay and Ty’s dinner with the ‘rents and Regina’s super cute date with Bruce, there was lots going on.

Were you too busy enjoying fireworks to catch “Dogs Playing Poker” last night? Don’t worry, we’ve recapped!

1. Can’t read my poker face…. or can she? Daphne and Emmett rekindle their friendship after their argument the night before, and decide to join Toby in a “friendly” game of poker. Daphne, expecting a normal game, learns that Toby wants her and Emmett to cheat, leaving Toby with a chance to repay his debts.
2. And then there were four… After being caught with Ty at 3 am, Bay’s punishment is to have Ty over for chili night. Although planning on having Regina and Daphne there for back-up, neither end up making it. Bay and Ty are left to face her parents alone.
3. Katherine and Regina continue to disagree on Regina’s decision to date Bruce. But little does Katherine know that Regina doesn’t really plan on taking this whole thing with Bruce anywhere. Her plan is just to have a little…which she does.
4. Ignoring Bay’s warning about playing “mini golf” with Toby, Daphne still goes on with it and leaves with Emmett. And even though Daphne succeeds in helping Toby out with just about every hand dealt, she makes a wrong guess just when Toby needs her the most, putting Toby in some serious money trouble. Whoops.
5. Chili night turns out to be a shocking night to Bay as well as her parents, when Ty announces that he enlisted in the army and would be leaving in three days. And after a ton of debating, Bay decides not to sleep with Ty and just gives him the most heartfelt. Goodbye. Ever.

Do you think Bay and Ty will stay together while he’s away in the army? How much trouble do you think Toby is in? Think Regina will really be able to keep her relationship with Bruce not-so-serious? Tell us in the comments!