8 Party Expectations Learned from My Super Sweet 16 and What Actually Happens

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Turning 16 has always been a big deal, but after MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 started airing in 2005, people began to have pretty unrealistic expectations about their own big day. Having a sweet 16 party as epic as what you saw on TV would be AMAZE — but LBR, that’s pretty much impossible. From insane grand entrances to magical celebrity appearances, here are some things you thought would happen at your sweet 16 versus what really ended up going down: 

1. Expectation: You’ll hand-deliver party invites complete with actual butterflies.

Reality: You send a Facebook invite to all your friends.

2. Expectation: Your grand entrance will feature hot boys and fireworks.

Reality: You walk through the door like a normal person.

3. Expectation: Someone like Jay-Z or Justin Bieber will perform at your party.

Reality: Does having an iPod count as a performance?

4. Expectation: Even though your parents set a price limit, they’ll go over it to make you happy.

Reality: You think you’re going over the budget? LOL!

5. Expectation: You’re totally getting a brand-new car!

Reality: If you’re one of the lucky ones to actually get a car, it surely isn’t going to be brand new.

6. Expectation: Or you’ll at least get a trip to Europe!

Reality: You get a card.

7. Expectation: You’ll have at least three outfit changes.

Reality: You get one dress. And it’s from Forever 21.

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8. Expectation: No matter how rude you are, your ‘rents won’t get mad at you. It is your birthday, after all!

Reality: It doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday — your parents will ground you no matter what.

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