Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On The Week’s Celeb Goss!

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Totally bored on this lazy Saturday? Good. Because it’s officially Survey Saturday at Teen.com, where we wanna know all your thoughts on the recent Glee news, Harry Potter goss, and everything else we wrote about this week.

Ready? Then “read more” and copy and paste these Q’s with your answers into the comments below! It’s fun, we promise…

1. Who do you think is the hottest guy in Harry Potter?
2. What will you miss the most about Harry Potter?
3. Do you like the color blocking trend?
4. What do you think about Demi Lovato’s new song, “Skyscraper”?
5. Which is your favorite color from the Kardashians OPI nail polish Kollection?
6. Would you go see a Glee 3D Concert movie?
7. Do you think Alison from Pretty Little Liars is still alive?
8. How excited are you for the “One Day” music video from Charice and Nick Jonas?
9. What do you think of adorable newbie singer Andy Grammer?
10. Thoughts on Dianna Agron’s new relationship with Leighton Meester’s ex, Sebastian Stan?
11. Do you think Adrian will split Ricky and Amy up on Secret Life?
12. Are you excited for Drew Seeley to be on 90210?
13. Think you’ll buy Armani underwear and jeans now that Rihanna is their new spokesmodel?
14. Are you going to watch ABC Family’s Cyberbully? What are your thoughts on digital drama?
15. Are you going to miss Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith on season 4 of Glee?

Leave your answers to all those q’s in the comments! Happy weekend!