Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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Demi Lovato

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This week was jam to the packed. From the Emmy Awards to Taylor Lautner‘s new movie (Check what he had to say about Twihards Vs. Beliebers), we were pretty overwhelmed with it all. But in a really good way, ya know? We wanna know all the things that were going through your minds this week when it came to all this entertainment goss.

Did you love or hate Glee‘s premiere? Are nerdy glasses a hot new trend? Have you picked up your copy of Demi’s new album? Get started on our survey.

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1. Did you pick up a copy of Demi’s new album yet? What do you think?
2. Whose lyrics are better…Demi Lovato’s or Cody Simpson’s?
3. Have you been watching the new Wendy series? Cool or lame?
4. Did you love or hate Glee‘s premiere ep?
5. Is Rihanna’s new single “We Found Love” your new fave song?
6. Like the nerdy glasses look? Which celebs do you think pull off the trend best?
7. Which Emmys 2011 red carpet look was your fave? Did you watch the show?
8. Are you looking forward to seeing Taylor Swift’s new “Wonderstruck” commercial in its entirety? Are you going to buy her fragrance?
9. Think shirtless Taylor Lautner was a good choice for our Hottie of the Week? Will you be seeing Abduction?
10. Do you think this could be the reason why Katy Perry has pink hair?
11. What did you think of the Jersey Shore Emmys skit?
12. Do you think this Sesame Street Justin Bieber and Glee spoof is funny?
13. Which best dressed celeb pick was your fave?
14. Did you watch The Vampire Diaries‘ new ep? Think Stefan will really never come back?
15. Have you been tuning in to The Secret Circle? What did you think of all the craziness that went down?
16. Did you know Ashley Benson was dating this guy? Think they make a cute couple?
17. Was Jersey Shore as good as you thought it would be on Thursday?

Don’t forget…copy and paste your answers to all these Q’s in the comments below!