Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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Teen.com readers, we can smell the excitement. We know Survey Saturday is your fave part of the week. And since it is, it’s only right we give you one each week. Today we’re asking you some Q’s about all of your faves, including Justin Bieber and Bella Thorne. We’re sure by now, you don’t need us to tell you how to do this one.

So if you’re ready, start clicking and type away!

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1. Did you watch the Do Something Awards on VH1? What’d ya think?
2. Which of these Bella Thorne vids was your fave? Wish there had been more?
3. We love celeb twit pics, which was your fave this week?
4. Jelena PDA pics…love? Or make you totally want to gag?
5. Think Anton Yelchin was a good choice for our Hottie of the Week?
6. Did you tune into The Lying Game? Think it’ll be one of your fave new shows?
7. Did you watch Leon Thomas spill on all his Victorious cast mates? Which secrets were you surprised to hear?
8. What do you think is going to happen on the new season of The Vampire Diaries?
9. OMG! What about those new Breaking Dawn pics?! Are you pumped for the movie?
10. Did you catch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars? What are your thoughts on these questions we’re still asking?
11. Love, hate or are totally confused by Lady Gaga’s new video?
12. Were you at this Joe Jonas concert? Do you think he’s good live?
13. Bella Thorne, Ashley Tisdale and Victoria Justice were all on our best dressed list this week. Whose look was your fave?
14. Have you or do you think you’ll be trying the pleated skirt trend?
15. Anne Hathaway vs. Taylor Swift…who is the better rapper?
16. Kim Kardashian is getting hitched today, but did you know she dated these guys before? Which ex are you must surprised by?

Remember to leave your answers to these q’s in the comments!