Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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It’s that time again, guys! That’s right, it’s Survey Saturdays. Last week we asked Q’s about all the celeb goss we had dished about and this week, we’re doing it again! All you have to do is click “read more,” and copy and paste these Q’s with your answers into the comments to tell us what you think about Selena’s new perfume, Kim Kardashian’s lawsuit, and tons more celeb goss.

Ready, set, go!

1. Are you going to see Captain America with hottie Chris Evans?
2. What do you think about the celebrity hat trend?
3. Do you think Old Navy owes Kim Kardashian 20 million dollars because of her look-alike?
4. Will you go see The Amazing Spiderman next summer?
5. Will you get the app that disables texting on your phone while you’re driving, courtesy of Justin Bieber?
6. What was your favorite part of this week’s Pretty Little Liars episode?
7. What do you think of Vanessa Hudgens’ short new ‘do?
8. Did you like Jordin Sparks’ cover of “Skyscraper”?
9. Are you excited about the The Hunger Games movies?
10. What did you think about the premiere of the show Awkward? Do you like new girl Ashley?
11. Do you think Ben will stay with Adrian on Secret Life?
12. Would you buy Selena Gomez’s perfume?
13. Will you watch A Cinderella Story, starring Lucy Hale?
14. What do you think about Ke$ha’s new song “Shots On The Hood Of My Car?”
15. Is Rebecca Black’s new song and video as good as “Friday”?
16. Did you watch Keke Palmer on the season premiere Degrassi?
17. What would you do if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez crashed your party?

Leave your answers to all these Q’s in the comments!