Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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With some of our fave fall TV shows back on air and #NYFW having just ended, things were pretty cray cray in the celeb world. And we wanna know if you were up on all the important stuff goss that went down and if you ended up tuning in to new shows like The Secret Circle.

So, if you’re ready for the survey…get started!

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1. The Vampire Diaries is back! Did you tune in? What did you think of the ep?
2. Speaking of fall TV, did you like The Secret Circle pilot?
3. Are you psyched for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 after seeing this trailer?
4. Which one-liner from Glee did Brittany Heather Morris say was her fave? Which one is yours?
5. Do you know which movie soundtrack Victoria Justice is singing on?
6. Can you guess which Teen.com faves made it into the Guinness Book of World Records and for what?
7. Which new fall TV show are you most pumped about?
8. Who was the last person Taylor Swift kissed? What did you think about her hilarious interview with Ellen?
9. Is the plaid trend a total do or don’t for you? Which celeb’s plaid look was your absolute fave?
10. What do you think of Demi Lovato’s latest single “All Night Long?”

Don’t forget, leave your answers to these Q’s in the comments!