Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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From super hot bodied guys to Glee spoilers, this week was (six?)-packed with news on the entertainment front. And as per usual, we needwant to know your thoughts on everything that’s been on our radar lately. So since you already know the drill, let’s get started!

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1. Which best-bodied hottie  is the summer’s absolute hottest?
2. Do you like Victoria Justice‘s new music vid for “All I Want is Everything?”
3. Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins are a couple IRL…truth or rumor?
4. Which celeb Twit pic is your fave this week? Biebs in a wetsuit, perhaps?!
5. Do you know Rihanna’s real name? How about Katy Perry’s? Nicki Minaj’s?
6. What are your top predictions and hopes for Pretty Little Liars season 2, part 2?
7. Have you seen Lucy Hale in A Cinderella Story yet? Do you plan to?
8. Can you guess which Glee couple is breaking up in season 3?
9. Speaking of on-screen couples, which Secret Life couple (past or present) is your fave?
10. Have you heard Joe Jonas’s new single “Just in Love?” Thoughts?
11. Cobra Starship thinks Justin Bieber is a “great singer and dancer.” Do you agree?
12. Celebs have been wearing some killer sheer ensembs lately. What do you think of the trend?
13. Have you tried this Lauren Conrad blue moon mani?
14. On a scale of 1-10, how hilar is Ashley Benson‘s way of picking up guys?
15. Would you say “yes” to a marriage proposal from Romeo Miller?

Now don’t forget to leave your answers to these Qs in the comments!