Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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From Justin Bieber fans fighting to another Lady Gaga single…think you know all that went down in the celeb world this week? Prove your gossip knowledge by taking our Survey Saturday quiz. For even more fun, challenge a friend and see who gets the most right answers.

Ready, set, go!

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1. After Thursday night’s ep, do you agree that Snooki needs to stop crying?
2. Are you planning to see 50/50 tonight?
3. And speaking of 50/50, just how HOT is Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
4. Would you wear clothes inspired by Gossip Girl? Who’s your fave fashionista on the show?
5. Have you heard Lady Gaga’s next single off Born This Way?
6. Are you going stag to Homecoming this year?
7. Celebs got sporty this week with varsity jackets. Do you own one? Like the trend?
8. Zendaya hit the red carpet without Bella Thorne this week. Know if they’re still besties?
9. Have you seen the cover of Justin Bieber’s Christmas album yet? What do you think?
10. Does Justin Bieber treat all his fan clubs the same?
11. How many celebs can you spot in the new trailer for New Year’s Eve?
12. Have you seen Adele’s video for “Someone Like You?” What did you think?
13. What’d you think of this week’s ep of Glee? Think any of that stuff would happen IRL?
14. Billboard ranked music’s Hottest 21 Under 21. Can you guess who made the list?!
15. Are you excited to see Three Musketeers starring new guy Logan Lerman?
16. Do you think The Vampire Diaries‘s Elena and Stefan are dunzo for good?!
17. Who was your fave best dressed celeb of the week?

Leave your answers to these Q’s in the comments!