7 of the Most Surprising Original Endings to Your Favorite Disney Movies

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Disney movies are usually based on classic fairy tales, but like so many other movie studios, they often take their own artistic license with the stories. Most of the classic Disney movies you grew up watching aren’t new tales at all — they’re actually very old fairy tales that have been retold for hundreds of years. In many cases, the original stories are much gorier, sadder and stranger than the Disney versions. Today’s children can’t really handle the idea of people’s eyes getting pecked out by birds (see: Brothers Grimm’s Cinderella), so it makes sense that the surprising original endings would be changed to something more family-friendly and happy.

That’s the thing, though — real life never goes like it does in Disney movies. Rarely do you meet the person of your dreams and just live “happily ever after.” Disney, unlike these originally storytellers, is setting us up to be disappointed in our lives. (Just saying.) If you’re a girl who was raised to love Disney movies, you’re going to have a rough time adjusting to the reality of dating. But maybe the REAL stories will help. Prepare to be shocked by the original endings to your favorite Disney movies:

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