12 Surprise Weddings That Happened in 2017 That STILL Have Us Shook

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We’re not sure about you, but we love celebrity weddings, and 2017 was full of ’em. Considering celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, it’s always interesting to see how they handle their wedding day. Do they have an intimate reception with only their closest family and friends? Do they avoid the fuss entirely and go straight to the courthouse to elope? Or do they have the most lavish wedding that money can buy? The options are endless!

Well, just like regular people, celebrities all have their own unique vision for their big day, but underneath the big party and the tear-jerking ceremony is what it’s all about: the couple and the love they have for one another. This year alone, there were tons of memorable celebrity weddings! Off the top of our heads, Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie got married to his “best friend,” Maria Cahill, at a classic and elegant venue in Los Angeles with about 170 guests. Among those guests? Selena Gomez. We are SO jealous!

Also, after a very rough two years following the loss of her husband, Tiffany Thornton got remarried on what she called “the best day of my life.” Of course, this comment and her decision to remarry soon after her first husband’s death landed her some harsh criticism, but she defended her decision to wed, saying that “so many emotions flooded my heart as I walked down those balcony steps to the arms of my gift from God.”

Josh Peck was another celeb to get married this year, and his nuptials landed him in hot water with his former TV brother, Drake Bell, who apparently wasn’t invited. The two have made up since the whole ordeal, but, hey, what’s a wedding without a little family drama, right?

Of course, those are only a few of the weddings that happened in Hollywood this year, and trust us… there were a bunch more! And honestly… some weddings we never even saw coming! Check out these 12 celebrity couples whose weddings were a total surprise this year. And TBH, we’re still shook at how they all managed to keep the most exciting day of their lives under wraps!