8 Things Nick Jonas and New Neighbor Suri Cruise Should Do Together

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Paparazzi have been swarming for blocks around the Teen.com office the last few days, and while we wish we could say they’re around to snap photos of us (because come on, we’re preeeety famous), it’s really because Katie Holmes, who just split from Tom Cruise, and daughter Suri moved into a hip new apartment building right down the block from us in NYC. And get this: it’s the same building that Nick Jonas lives in! And because we just couldn’t help it, we came up with a list of things Nick and his new neighbor Suri can do together. You know, in case Katie ever needs a babysitter. Like…

Have a Dawson’s Creek marathon
Long before Tom and Suri came along, Katie starred as Joey Potter in the hit TV show Dawson’s Creek. Nick and Suri could totally kill some time by catching up on all six seasons. It might be weird for her to see her mom smooching someone other than her dad, but she better get used to it. We wonder if Suri would be Team Dawson or Team Pacey?

Warner Brothers

Guitar lessons
Suri is clearly destined to be a star. Broadway, TV, movies, music; she’ll probably take over the entertainment industry by the time she’s in second grade, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen style. Might as well start practicing early, ya know? Nick isn’t too bad on the guitar himself, so who better to teach her? No one, that’s who.


Go to Starbucks
Most kindergartners drink milk and juice, and maybe, if they’re really mature, some caffeine-free soda. But Suri is your average kindergartener; she’d much prefer Starbucks. Nick is a fan too, and since there are like, six Starbucks locations right near their building, it would be the perfect field trip.


Introduce Suri to Disney Channel Stars
She already has famous pals like the Beckhams and the Smiths (yeah, like Willow and Jaden), but come on, Nick has a whole list of famous friends and family that Suri’s probably dying to meet, like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and big bros Joe and Kevin. Can you just imagine that photo opp?!


Learn How to Hail a Cab
Katie and Suri take limos almost everywhere they go (we assume?). Just because Suri is going to be a superstar doesn’t mean she has to be a diva, ya know. Nick can show her how to blend in in NYC.


Go to Coney Island
So what if amusement parks used to be Tom and Suri’s thing? It’s not like Nick’s taking his place… right?


Teach Suri How to Walk On Her Own
Suri’s not a baby anymore, so why do Tom and Katie carry her EVERYWHERE? Nick can totally teach her how to take over Manhattan on two legs.


Teach Suri How to Succeed in Kindergarten Without Really Trying
Hahahaha. We love ourselves.


Would you want to be neighbors with Nick Jonas, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise? What other activities should Nick and Suri do together?

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