Supreme Might Be Releasing Red Lipstick and the Internet is FREAKING Out

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Get ready, makeup connoisseurs! The iconic streetwear brand known as Supreme might actually be releasing lipstick — and, of course, fans of the brand already have their credit cards ready.

If you couldn’t get down with the brand’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton or, even worse, that time they tried to sell you a literal brick embossed with the Supreme logo for $500, perhaps a bold shade of red lipstick is more your speed. From what we can tell, they’re actually really pretty! See?

NGL, Supreme has already tried to sell some very bizarre and random products ranging from pencils to pepper shakers, so to hear that they may be branching out into beauty isn’t the strangest thing we’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, the rumors haven’t yet been confirmed by the brand, so at this point, no one knows if these red lippies will ever hit store shelves.

While there’s no way of knowing at this point whether or not this is actually happening, what we do know is that if these lipsticks do become available, they’re not going to be cheap. If you look on Supreme’s website right now, it seems that most, if not all of their products will cost you a pretty penny, so we don’t see why this new, red lipstick would be any different. Plus, people are super stoked about it! See?

Despite not having a ton of info about the potential lipstick at the moment, we know you’re all dying for more details. Don’t worry! As soon as more info becomes available, we’re sure you’ll be the first to know. Sit tight, hype beasts!