17 Dirty Supernatural Memes That You’ll Never be Able to Forget

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When a show has been around for ten years (wha — ?!) you know it is sure to have a die-hard following. One thing that is certain, Supernatural fans take their show verrrrry seriously.

That being said, when they’re not too busy obsessing over every single detail from the latest episode, fans like to save room to make highly sexual Supernatural jokes. Like, HIGHLY. To truly understand the spirit of these dedicated, albeit perverted, fans, check out our top picks below:

1. Taking sexually frustrated to a whole new level.

2. OMG!

3. No chill.

4. Wellll he does got it goin’ on.



5. Just some brotherly advice:

6. SO wrong!!!

Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme

7. This pick-up line should go over really great…

8. Jeez…

9. WTF!?

10. Ugh, real smooth.

11. Whoa there, Sam. Way to jump to conclusions.

12. Hmmm… Casual.

13. That escalated quickly.

14. Every Supernatural fan’s dream:

15. Sam would like to tap that, too.

16. He talks such game:

17. Now there’s a play on words.

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