Every Insane Supernatural Casting Secret That Could’ve Changed the Whole Show

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Supernatural has been wowing audiences since it began over a decade ago, but those who’ve been dedicated viewers since its 2005 premiere have a good grasp on how the show works. The CW series’ exes love to come up with twists and turns (and sudden deaths) that throw everyone for a loop, but we think it’s pretty safe to say that the SPNFamily pretty much always knows what’s happening in the world of Sam and Dean Winchester.

While loyal viewers know everything there is to know about Supernatural as it is in its 12th season, the show could’ve been incredibly different had things gone the way they were originally planned. Keep reading to hear all about the crazy SN casting secrets that led to the small-screen hit we all know and love today.

1. Jensen Ackles auditioned for the role of Sam Winchester — Jensen, who is know and loved for his role as Dean Winchester on Supernatural, initially came in and read for his character’s brother’s role. While the show’s executives liked him, they felt he was charismatic enough to pull off Dean and convinced him to audition for him instead. Luckily, Jensen thought Dean was “funny,” so he went along with the suggestion.

2. A Supernatural character was written specifically for Kristen Bell — Many WB/CW actors have bounced around from show to show on the network, and that’s exactly what execs were hoping would happen with Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell. When writers were first developing the script, they wrote Ruby with the 36-year-old actress in mind. Unfortunately, Kristen decided to turn down the offer, and that’s why Katie Cassidy was cast.

3. Misha Collins thought she was auditioning for a demon — While Misha prepared to audition for a snarky demon on SN, it turns out they were actually looking for an angel. “I went in and I auditioned for Eric Kripke and I gave him a very nasty and snarky performance,” he told MovieWeb about joining the show as Castiel in season four. “He said, ‘Great work, except, we are trying to hide from the fans that we’re introducing an angel to the show, so we sent out the audition material as a demon, so it’s actually an angel.'” The actor made “a couple of adjustments” to become “a little bit less snarky and more angelic,” which worked because he booked the gig!

4. Jeffery Dean Morgan was the third choice to play John Winchester — Before JDM came on board to play the Winchester patriarch, Supernatural casting directors wanted either Marc Singer (Arrow), or Bruce Campbell (The Replacements) to play Dean and Sam’s dad.

Like Supernatural, Arrow also has some crazy casting secrets: