Super 8’s Ryan Lee Is Into Girly But Not Needy Girls. Got It (Exclusive Video)

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Super 8‘s Ryan Lee is a total prankster, but also the sweetest thing ever! You seriously won’t believe what hilarious (yet slightly gross) prank he pulled on the set… Nor will you believe his reaction to landing his role in Super 8, what he really thinks about Elle Fanning and whether or not he’s into dating girly girls. Plus, we can’t help but heart him even more for totally showing us some Twitter love while he was on his way to to our interview. We love ya, too, @_ryanlee_!

Click on to catch all of Ryan’s interview in this exclusive vid!

Super 8 hits theaters this Friday, June 10! What did you think of Ryan interview? Will you see Super 8 this weekend? Sound off in the comments!