Teen.com Endorses: Super 8! 5 Reasons Why You Should See It

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Who doesn’t love a good sci-fi flick, especially when it’s one that’s been done by two legendary film buffs, J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg?! Answer: Noone. While Super 8 may not be your usual sci-fi movie (we’ll explain why in a bit), it still has all the perfect elements to make it awesome. Between the adorable cast of newbies, the suspense and the hilarious one-liners, it’s seriously a must-watch.

Click on to see 5 reasons why you should catch Super 8 this weekend!

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1. There’s enough action to keep you awake the entire time! Know how some movies tend to die down after a while? Well, that is so not the case here. After this majorly action filled scene that involves a train, we still get a ton of exciting stuff happening involving all six main stars that includes explosions, crazy panic and tons more.
2. We get proof that being geeky is actually totally cool. If you ever felt like a total geek who wasn’t cool, this movie will definitely make you feel otherwise. These six kids, with the exception of maybe one, are all the stereotypical geeky kids who actually end up being majorly awesome.
3. 7th Heaven‘s super hottie David Gallagher is in it. We catch ourselves missing 7th Heaven every now and then, so when we saw Simon David in the movie we were totally psyched. He’s actually pretty funny in it, although his character’s, like, a total air-head.
4. There’s a movie within the movie. For all you movie buffs who hope to one day make a movie of your own, Super 8 will really inspire you because these kids spend a lot of their time working on their own film production. Hint: be sure to stay after the credits to watch it.
5. The kids are the heroes in this one. Most times it’s the adults who like, swoop down and rescue everyone, but here it’s really the kids who are the heroes. Guess we really can do just about anything!

Super 8 is out today! Will you be seeing it? What are you most looking forward to about it? Sound off in the comments!