10 Ways Having a Summer Birthday Beats Having a Winter One

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In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s summertime, which is also known as the very best time of the year to have a birthday! (In this writer’s opinion, anyway.) Basically all of the amazing and fun birthday activities are perfectly tailored for the warm-weather months.

But, in case you don’t believe us, here are ten ways that having a summer beats having a winter one, hands-down:

1. You can celebrate any and everywhere. Go forth and prosper.

Nick Jonas Let's Go

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2. School is a non-issue. Which is a relief, because most of the time, it is the ONLY issue.

3. All outfits are a go. Thanks, warm weather. Now no one has to figure out how to make thick pantyhose work in their outfit.

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4. You don’t need to worry about it snowing on your birthday. Because snow is out of the question!

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5. You have a longer day to celebrate. Thanks to Daylight Savings, summer babies get a longer day just because.

6. “Summertime sadness” is actually wintertime sadness. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real and it usually rears its stupid, ugly head during the cold, winter months.

7. Your pictures will be pretty because the Earth is pretty. Can you say beautiful flowers in bloom all around you? We can.

It's So Beautiful

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8. Your friends are less likely to cancel on your birthday plans. Because they won’t be too snowed in or afraid of the looming blizzard to leave their houses.

9. You won’t look sickly and sun-deprived in your various Instagrams. Who needs the sun filter when The Sun is out and ready to play?

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10. You don’t even have to make real plans. Because, when it’s nice out, just chilling outdoors is totally a viable option.

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