13 Summer Things That Make You Wish It Were Winter

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It's Too Darn Hot

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Summer is great, okay? And, if movies are to be believed, summer is the best. But the thing that we can’t say is “summer is cool.” Because it is anything BUT cool. Because of that, during the hottest months of the year, we find ourselves wishing that it were winter from time to time. No hard feelings, summertime — but sometimes, we crave a little brisk air and hot chocolate.

Whenever we find ourselves wishing that the summer would hurry the heck up and finish, it’s always because of these 13 things:

1. Mosquito bites. Pretty sure that they we only put on this Earth to make going outside terrible.

2. Pit stains. No matter how much deodorant you slather on, pit stains always show up to the party uninvited.

3. Accidentally mildewy bathing suits. Because who can remember to put them in the wash every single time?? No one, that’s who.

Pirates of the Caribbean Yuck

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4. Ice cream melting too quickly. You don’t even get to enjoy it before you’re forced to slurp up its milk.

5. Sunburn. 🙁

6. Your makeup not matching your tanned skin. Hello, new foundation, tinted moisturizers, powders, etc.

7. Getting into the inferno that is a car that was parked in the sun. Hot seat belts galore!

8. Having several conflicting tan lines. Basically, you can only wear one type of bathing suit per summer, so we hope you made the right choice!

Ross Friends Tan Line

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9. Frizz. Always frizz. Eternal frizz. You will never escape it.

Princess Diaries Frizzy Hair

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10. Not being able to fall asleep with blankets. Unless you want to DIE.

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11. Layering and accessorizing is impossible. When it’s hot, you only get to choose between several combinations of shorts and T-shirts. That’s it.

Lady Gaga Didn't Wanna Wear Clothes

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12. Taking a million showers a day. Or risk being a walking sweat blob.

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13. Always being tired. Because unrelenting heat is exhausting.

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