14 of the Biggest Movies Coming Out This Summer You Have to Watch

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There are obviously tons of things to do outside during the summer: hang at the beach or the pool, go on walks or hikes, sit by a bonfire, go camping, play in the sprinklers… just generally enjoy the nice weather and increased sun time. There are so many ways to do this that it can be overwhelming. But what about the people who hate being outside in nature? What are they supposed to do? Uh, see a summer blockbuster movie, of course! There’s a reason why some of the biggest movies of the year come out in the summertime: because more people have an endless amount of time to escape to a so-cold-it-hurts movie theater and watch three-hour long performances of epic CGI and gorgeous actors. Summer 2016 is no exception when it comes to movie releases.

I mean, sure, we’ve had summer movie seasons where there is more original content — this summer is almost all sequels or remakes — but I can’t say that any of these big movies look terrible. I’m not even a big fan of sequels — they’re usually so bad they end up tainting the perfect original — but I’m excited for some of these. And I’m obviously always down for a live-action version of my favorite cartoon. There are some seriously exciting reasons to head to the theaters this summer, guys — and no, I’m not talking about the popcorn.

Want to make some summer plans that aren’t just about hanging in the sun? Here are 14 of the biggest movies coming out that you need to put on your calendar:

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