14 Summer Blockbusters Worth the Cost of a Movie Ticket

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Blogspot (tfios-movie)

Blogspot (tfios-movie)

Summer is coming, which means the movies are about to get bigger, more explosive… and a whole lot cheesier, if memory serves. Some are surprisingly amazing, some are underwhelming, and some are just flat-out flops. And they’re really hard to tell from the outside!

…but we’re gonna try. Instead of making you wade through all the crap to find the amazing blockbuster gems, we’ve put together a list of all the movies we’re guessing could be worth your time this season. We could be wrong (although it’d be the first time), but we’re trained professionals, and we only want good things for you and that $13 in your wallet. You have a ton of options at your disposal in this list, so take a look here:

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