The Official Goodbye to the Summer Season (in GIFs)

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The first day of fall is coming up — Sunday, September 22nd, ahh! — so it’s time to say goodbye to the sunniest season. Even though school has already resumed, and the weather is starting to get noticeably colder, this is our official GIF farewell. Oh summer, we already miss you! Here are a few things we’ll longingly remember about summertime:

1. First off, no homework. Or, at least, less homework. Darren Criss‘ face sums it up perfectly.

darren criss happy

2. Dancing like crazy to summer music. Because artists save all the juiciest, pop-iest, dance-iest songs for warmer weather. And, to be perfectly honest, it just doesn’t feel the same dancing to those tunes in December. Take it from Fifth Harmony‘s Lauren Jauregui.

fifth harmony lauren jauregui

3. Drinking all your drinks with ice in them, and eating all the popsicles. Any other time, you will get a brain freeze, as Miley Cyrus demonstrates.

miley cyrus anguish

4. Snapping selfies in exotic places… Or at least places that aren’t your school hallways. No selfie shame. Even Justin Bieber does it.

justin bieber photos

5. That feeling of being outside on a really hot day, and catching an air-conditioned breeze through an opening door. It feels really nice. Right, Taylor Swift?

taylor swift happy

6. Getting addicted to a reality television show, and finding yourself invested in the characters’ lives to an embarrassing degree. It’s like summertime gives you a free pass to watch all the soapy TV you want, without feeling guilty. I can’t BELIEVE she did that either, Selena Gomez!

selena gomez confused

7. All the outdoor activities you can enjoy when the weather turns warmer: fireworks, nighttime stargazing, jumping in the pool (even if you’re the only one, like Niall Horan).

one direction pool

8. Random conversations that come from staying up way too late with your friends, just because you can. If you don’t understand what Ariana Grande is doing to Liz Gillies, that’s because you don’t understand the weirdness of friendship coupled with heat-tinged delirium.

ariana grande liz gillies

Sigh. Feeling sad for summer? Well, greeting fall is just like seeing an old friend. So welcome in the season, like Demi Lovato greeting Cher Lloyd. Big hugs, you guys. Big hugs.
demi lovato cher llyod hug

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