11 Leading Ladies Who Were Almost Cast as Enchantress in Suicide Squad

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While Cara Delevingne was one of the actresses who missed out on a role in Alice in Wonderland, she’s the lady who reigned victorious to play Enchantress in the highly anticipated addition to the DC Comics family, Suicide Squad. But as the supermodel has witnessed first hand, not everyone gets every single role they want.

In fact, before movie producers decided to cast the 23-year-old as the sassy villain, they thought of many of Hollywood’s hottest young actors for the part. While only one was actually offered the role before she turned it down, 10 other names were thrown out in consideration. From ladies who previously starred in superhero films to those who are mostly known for their YA role, let’s just say DC exes didn’t leave anyone out. So before SS hits theaters later this summer, check out all the women who were almost a part of the movie!