How Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress is the Worst Part of Suicide Squad

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So, we saw Suicide Squad, and — oh, how do we put this gently? — it was… better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yup, that’s the best thing we can say about it. Joel Kinnaman was bae and Margot Robbie stole the show, but they weren’t enough to help the movie garner stellar reviews. In fact, it’s been received as one of the worst DC Comics films of all time. (Again, besides Batman v Superman.)

In complete honesty, we didn’t think it was a bad flick.; it was a bit of a hot mess, but it was a fun ride, you know? Perhaps, if the movie had a better villain, then it would’ve been better. ’cause *SPOILER ALERT* Cara Delevingne‘s Enchantress was a lackluster Big Bad.

The theory that Enchantress (a.k.a. June Moone) is the main villain is true… but she’s not what many moviegoers (or, at least, critics) were hoping for. Here’s what some of ’em had to say:

“Late in the film, we see the Enchantress casting a spell. When she does so, she’s doing some bizarre gyrating dance that looks a tad ridiculous. In fact, people in the audience began laughing when they saw it. They were laughing at the movie, not with it like they had been for the rest of the film. It kind of pulls you out of the story.”—Coming Soon

“Here is a film in which model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne gives not only a personal worst performance, but something close to a former-profession-worst performance, as a gyrating, bikini-clad villainess called Enchantress, who kisses men full on the lips to turn them into her slaves (of course!) and talks like Vanessa Redgrave on rhinoceros tranquiliser.”—The Telegraph

“Enchantress is spectacularly eerie in the early going, before the film turns her into a silly-looking CGI effect.”—The Verge

“Enchantress herself is one misfire after another. A powerful, unpredictable character in the source material, she becomes a generic spellcaster proclaiming loud mystic things in the movie. She’s also one of few female characters to have a sensible costume in the comics, only for the filmmakers turn her into a bikini-wearing witch who must kiss men to put them under her thrall. Delevingne’s talents are put to poor use as her character either acts the frail love interest as Moone or the bland sorceress as Enchantress.”—IGN

“Midway City appears to be deserted, except for an army of bubbling-tar-headed foot soldiers ready to do the Enchantress’ bidding — which gives the members of Task Force X something to occupy them until Ayer is ready for the final confrontation with the Enchantress, who is, let’s face it, the lamest DC villain since Sharon Stone stalked Catwoman.”—Variety

“The stakes should feel higher. As someone who isn’t fluent in Suicide Squad lore, I can’t imagine there wasn’t a better villain in its back ­catalog.”—EW

“There’s menace in Delevingne’s hungry evil eyes but not much else, making her a lame supervillain to set off the Squad.”—The Daily Beast

“Cara Delevingne, a.k.a. Enchantress, is right — she needs acting lessons, a fact the British supermodel revealed in a recent interview.”—Metro West Daily News

Considering what the 23-year-old blonde beauty, who is most known for her roles in Paper Towns and Pan, had to endure for her audition — get naked in a forest and howl like a wolf — we’re not going to put the blame completely on her… Only some of it.

With all the negativity surrounding Cara Delevingne’s portrayal of Enchantress, you have to wonder how things would’ve turned out if one of these actresses snagged the part: