9 Super Successful Books That Were Initially Rejected Over and Over Again

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Imagine if everyone gave up after a little rejection. The world as we know it would be entirely different. Take, for instance, best-selling books, like Harry Potter and The Princess Diaries. Had their authors given up once they were handed rejection letter after rejection letter, the word “muggle” wouldn’t be found in the Oxford English Dictionary today, you wouldn’t know the Genovian National Anthem by heart and Green Eggs and Ham would be a weird breakfast choice as opposed to a beloved children’s classic.

We may not know exactly how these literary legends were able to stay true to their dream after countless shutdowns, but we are forever indebted to them for it. If you feel like there are days when you just can’t catch a break, click through the gallery to discover how many times these now classic reads, were almost non-existent *shudders*