Newsflash! Justin Bieber Has Teen Angst And Gets Zits Like Every Other 17-Year-Old

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If you thought Justin Bieber‘s hair was just naturally epic, you would be wrong. His distinguished ‘do is thanks to the golden scissors of celebrity stylist Vanessa Price, who recently spilled to Elle all about why she chopped his signature bangs “to death” a few months ago and how much he “loves” his hair…

The reason for Justin’s new ‘do? “Teenage angst,” explained the hairdresser.

Not only did the haircut make serious headlines, but it also revealed a side of Biebs’ that we had never seen before: his forehead.

And it turns out that famous forehead happens to be occasionally covered in… zits. Yup. Vanessa explained that she doubles as a makeup artist, which comes in handy for Justin’s occasional breakouts (!).

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