Survey Time: Tell Us About That Naughty Little Fashion & Beauty Addiction of Yours!

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Despite the fact that we talk about celeb style like every day minute of every waking hour, we really do it because we know that your favorite stars influence your style just as much as they influence ours. We won’t lie. We’ve tried to pull off some Gaga-esque gear (It hasn’t worked out so well.) We’ve even dyed our hair a few different times (Except, unlike Rihanna‘s, ours FELL OUT!). And we maybe even monogrammed some of our hoodies with “I Heart JB“. But what about you?

What’s your style like? Which celeb do you look to for style guidance? Where do you shop? We want to know everything about style and shopping, so post your thoughts in our fashion and beauty questionnaire:

And if you aren’t all survey-ed out (Or if you can’t get enough and think they’re as ridiculously entertaining as we do), take our Ultimate Celeb Survey now!