Stuntman from Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries Dies After On-Set Accident

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Stuntmen get hurt all the time — that’s pretty much a part of the job. But there’s a HUGE difference between signing up for a couple bumps & bruises and the loss of your life. Sadly, the latter is exactly what happened after an on-set injury on the set of The Walking Dead this week.

According to Variety, stuntman John Bernecker “fell more than 20 feet off a balcony onto a concrete floor, suffering a serious head injury that required him to be transported to a nearby hospital by helicopter” on Wednesday, July 12. Sadly, the 33-year-old man never came to, despite being placed on a ventilator. Coweta County Coroner Richard Hawk announced that John died at Atlanta Medical Center that night; cause of death: blunt force trauma.

Over the years in the industry, John built up an impressive résumé, taking part in other television productions, such as The Vampire Diaries and K.C. Undercover, and big-budget movies, like The 5th Wave, Logan, the upcoming Black Panther and three of the four Hunger Games films.

Following the accident, AMC — the network behind The Walking Dead — announced that they’ve temporarily shut down production on the show’s eighth season in the wake of the tragedy.