Best of The “Sh*t People Say” Video Spoofs

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If you’ve been alive on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or YouTube at all in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen the latest viral sensation, “Sh*t People Say.” It seems like everyone is making a video to lovingly mock people of different genders religions, relationship statuses, sexual preference and way more. We chimed in with our ideas of book-turned-movie fans would say to each other last week, and since then, a bunch more videos have come out. We’re just so ahead of curve.

But which ones should you actually watch? We’ve got our 5 faves below:

1. Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls – If you haven’t had one of these awkward moments, you probably know someone who has…

2. Sh*t Christians Say to Jews – We love people of every religion, but not gonna lie, this is pretty spot-on.

3. Sh*t Monks Say – We see what you did there… Clever. Very clever.

4. Sh*t Single Girls Say – Doesn’t this video describe your best friend/sister/roommate/every single girl ever?

5. Sh*t NOBODY Says – Well, now we’ve seen it all! And this guy is definitely spot on because there’s definitely nothing worse than a gum-smacker.

Which is your favorite Sh*t People Say video? Is there a funny one that we missed? Post the link in the comments!

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