14 Life-Changing Studying Hacks & Tips that’ll Make this School Year the Best Yet

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There are definitely positives about going back to school — seeing your friends, joining fun clubs, studying… wait WHAT?! Did we just just say studying?! We know, we know… the thought of hitting the books for tests is basically the least fun thing most people can think of, but thanks to these hacks, studying just got a whole lot easier.

Whether you’re stressed about getting through science class or Spanish class, there are useful tricks below that literally everyone will find helpful. Trust us, if you follow these bad boys, you’ll get the best grades you’ve ever gotten in your entire life!

1. Here are ways to make your studying habits better overall:

2. Never stress about a math test again!

3. Cramming may seem like a good idea, but it’s really not.

4. Music has many possibilities.

5. Nothing like sugar for some motivation!



6. Foreign language classes are intimidating, but there are strategies to help you cope:

7. Have a hard time memorizing important dates? You MUST see these tricks:

8. Science class just got WAY less scary!

9. Always write things down!

10. Pop a mint or a piece of gum to help activate your brain:

11. Also, if you eat an unfamiliar flavor while studying and then again on test day, you’re more likely to recall the information you memorized.

12. Always get stuck searching for answers on Google? These tips will save you SO much time!

13. Studying in school and at home are very different things…

14. Feeling stuck? Studies show going on a brief walk can help re-energize your brain.

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