11 Bad-Ass Times Students Outsmarted Their Teachers

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We’ve reached that time of year where both students and teachers are a little bit #done and fed up with school — and I can’t blame either of them. Yeah, school is important and you should definitely keep doing your homework, but it can be easy to “fall off the wagon” a little bit and kind of stop caring. But, when you stop caring, you stop studying and when you stop studying, you don’t know the answers to things. So sometimes, you have to make them up. It happens! I, for one, think that creative answers make you smarter than the teachers anyway. They definitely won’t give you good grades though.

Not that I would recommend trying to outsmart a teacher on a test or some homework, but it can be pretty funny to look at people who have. Instead of just leaving an answer blank, they gave it an honest shot. Well, sort of. Sure, they probably failed, but they turned their work into a meme, so they sort of won, right? Doesn’t being famous on the Internet count for something? Check out these examples of students outsmarting their teachers… and probably sacrificing their grades because of it. Stay in school, kids.

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