7 Times Students Were Kicked Out of Prom for Stupid Reasons in 2016

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When you’re a student, your primary prom concerns are looking good, going with somebody you don’t hate and making sure your prom pics are on point. If you’re a school principal, your primary prom concerns are whether or not someone’s bare shoulder is way too sexy for human consumption… Oh, and making sure any students who aren’t straight feel as hated as possible. I know, I should very anti-school right now, but I’m not. I’m anti-schools coming up with terrible, rigid rules that are body shaming, homophobic and petty AF. When these terrible values lead to innocent teenagers being kicked out of prom, then that’s just next level disgusting.

Seriously, can a prom season go by without that happening? Is it possible?

Living by a “rules will be rules” mindset can be so dangerous, especially since most things in this effed up world of ours aren’t just black or white. Some rules were made to be broken. Want proof? Check out these seven times students were kicked out of prom for stupid reasons and prepare to be filled with rage:

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