10 Struggles All Stubborn People Definitely Understand

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Being stubborn isn’t a choice; It’s a personality trait that some of us were lucky enough to be born with. And while stubbornness can sometimes be mistaken as being rude, we can’t help it! We’re just always right! The struggle is real.

1. No one understands that you’re always right. Even when you’re technically wrong, you’re still right.

2. And on the rare occasion that you actually are wrong, it’s very hard to admit. NOOOOOOOO!

3. People always ask you why you’re so stubborn. Uh, cause I just am? *eye roll*

4. You hate when someone asks if you’ve changed your mind about something. Clearly the answer is no.

5. Group projects are the worst. Because compromising with many people doesn’t usually go well.

6. Persuasion never works. ‘Come on; Try it!’ Uh, no.

7. You never, EVER choose the easy way to do something. It’s the hard way or nothing, people.

Battlefield USA

Battlefield USA

8. When someone asks if you need help, you immediately say no. This is an issue when, idk, you actually need help.

9. Dealing with other stubborn people is very tough. Even though you totally understand their stubbornness.

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10. You’re unwilling to settle. If you want something, you’ll get it no matter what.

Struggles All Shy People Understand