Stranger Things Reveals New Addition to Hawkins, Indiana in Teaser

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Stranger Things just released a new teaser for their upcoming third season and we kinda have an uneasy feeling about this. The sneak peek is essentially a long commercial for a brand new mall opening up in Hawkins, Indiana, but something about it just gives us the heebee-jeebees.

Die-hard fans of the show have been praying for details regarding Stranger Things‘ third season and well, their prayers have finally been answered. Netflix just released a brand new teaser for Season 3 and it’s a little different than your average TV show teaser.

For starters, we’re honestly not sure what we can expect to see in S3 other than… a brand new mall named the Starcourt Mall that’s set to open in Hawkins, Indiana next summer?? Aside from the super nostalgic and 80s chic ad, we really didn’t see any of our favorite Stranger Things characters except for Steve who awkwardly had one line in the commercial along with newcomer Maya Hawke who plays Robin in the upcoming season.

Now we can only assume that Season 3 will heavily revolve around the Starcourt Mall since the entire teaser was based on this new location. And, of course, we’re sure Scoops Ahoy will be featured too since it seems like Steve works there now.

While the promo didn’t necessarily reveal an exact premiere date for season 3, we have reason to believe that words ‘next summer’ at the end of the teaser is a vague hint that fans can expect the upcoming season to make its debut Summer 2019. After all, it was said recently that season 3 takes place in the summer, so it only makes sense for the show to have a summer debut date, right? Either way, we’re just happy that another season is coming, even if it’s a year from now!