20 Stranger Things-Inspired Products You Need to See Before Season 2

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After waiting over a year, we are finally only days away from the second season of Stranger Things being released on Netflix and we don’t think we’ll be able to focus on anything else until then. The whole season will be available for streaming on October 27, which means we’re already planning the perfect binge-watching session. Thankfully, Halloween is next week so our decor will help us get into the spooky spirit of the show.

Although it has felt like forever waiting for the new season, we can’t believe that we have only known the characters and the actors who bring them to life for only a year. Eleven has quickly become one of the most iconic young female characters on television, and we’ve seen Finn Wolfhard become one of the leading young guys in Hollywood.

Last Halloween, it was impossible to go anywhere without seeing an Eleven costume, and we’re sure it’s going to be the same this year, even though there are so many incredible TV show moments to choose from. As much as we love Eleven, we love Millie Bobby Brown even more.

We love how bad-ass she is — like… the most bad-ass 13-year-old girl we’ve ever seen! She is a kick-boxing master AND she shaved off her hair for her Stranger Things role like a total professional. We also share a very similar celebrity crush list, which makes her feel more like a friend and less like the A-List celebrity that she really is.

Finding out that someone else likes the same TV show and/or character means that you’re instantly friends, but it can be hard to get to that topic. It’s easy to weed out the #fakefans and find other Stranger Things fanatics when you sport clothes and accessories inspired by the show, which is why we rounded up all of the BEST products, just in time for Season 2. From sweatshirts and necklaces to buttons and retro lamps, this list has it all. But beware — your wallet may not thank you after you buy everything!