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Stranger Things-Inspired Costume Faces Serious Backlash (for Good Reason)

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The whole “sexy Halloween costume” trend has officially gone too far…

Stranger Things is a show that has become a cultural phenomenon since its release on Netflix last year, and it’s no wonder that so many people want to dress up as characters from the show, especially given their iconic ’80s looks. But one company has created a Stranger Things-inspired costume that’s got people on social media outraged, and for very good reason… because it’s a sexy Eleven costume.

The “Upside Down Honey” costume, as has generically dubbed it, features a super-short pink dress and thigh-high, roller-skate style socks that clearly mimic Eleven’s iconic Stranger Things getup, but is just downright inappropriate considering the fact that Eleven is played by a CHILD:

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We’ve seen fictional characters get the sexy Halloween costume treatment for years — including iconic Disney characters — but Eleven is a played by a real, young girl, and the idea of objectifying Millie Bobby Brown‘s character like this has a lot of fans justifiably upset…

It kind of makes you wonder how this costume actually went from design to approval to production… but, then again, also has a sexy “Fake News” costume and a sexy Pikachu costume, so maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised. Let’s hope that women boycott Yandy’s sexy Eleven costume so that the company gets the message that sexualizing child characters isn’t profitable (as well as straight up reprehensible).