Meet Strange Talk: They’re Giving Away The Stuff In Their Video. No, Really. (Video)

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Wanna know what is probs one of the most genius music videos to ever be made? It’s the vid for “Climbing Walls,” a new single by cutie Aussie band Strange Talk. And no, not just cause of all the funky colors, awesome scenery and the fact that this song is so destined to be on Season 4 of 90210. It’s super cool cause you can snag up free stuff, like, actually…the stuff you see in the video!

Featuring the totes amazing YouTube feature called “Dig it. Get it.”, you can grab swag and have it sent to you just by clicking the item in the vid.

So click on to watch Strange Talk’s “Climbing Walls” and to start finding all the free stuff you want!

Read up on all the official rules stuff.

We also got a chance to catch up with the guys from Strange Talk via a Skype sesh. Check out what they had to say about everything from their music to their most embarrassing outfits ever.

What do you think of Strange Talk? Are you into “Climbing Walls”? Would you watch for the free stuff alone? Comment below.