16 Stores That Dropped Ivanka’s Clothing Line After Donald Trump’s Inauguration

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Ever since Donald Trump took office three weeks ago, on January 20, 2017, the nation has been in a constant state of change. The Trump administration aims to repeal the Affordable Care Act, ban entrance into the U.S. by people of certain countries, revive the Dakota Access Pipeline… Basically, everything Barack Obama put in place is being subjected to alterations or complete negations by the new president.

So, you better believe that there’s heavy opposition to the man himself, DJT, as well as his new employees and his family members (some of which are also his employees), including his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Besides being the First Daughter, the 35-year-old is also a businesswoman; one whom many respected… until her father took office.

Recently, there’s been a call to boycott all Trump-led businesses referred to as the #GrabYourWallet boycott, as the creators realized they could no longer, in good conscience, “shop at retailers that do business with the Trump family.” The call to action: “Flex your consumer power and avoid these companies.” And, guess what, the boycott’s working — businesses are dropping Ivanka’s line!

The amount of retailers that are getting rid of their IT-branded merch continues to grow each week. Here are the ones that caved (so far):

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