YouTube Star Charged for Assaulting Teenage Girls a Month After His Arrest

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Just when you thought Steven Fernandez couldn’t possibly get worse, he goes and proves that he’s truly the most awful human on the planet. It was less than a month ago that the 15-year-old YouTube star was arrested for attempting to get a 12 year old to perform sex acts on him, and now even more horrible charges have been brought up against him.

According to Newsweek, the skateboarder is now being accused of sexually assaulting three teenage girls, in addition to his previous charge of “procuring a child to engage in lewd and lascivious acts.” Jose Barajas, his 22-year-old manager who was involved in his sex-crime attempt, will also be charge with assault. A Los Angeles Police Department detective said the females, who are all under the age of 16, came forward to report their assaults after Steven’s name was released in the middle of December.

“One of our subsequent victims was victimized approximately two years ago, so this has been going on for at least two years,” Detective Ninette Toosbuy said. This means that Steven had just become a teenager when the assault happened. Disgusting.

And although the three teens have spoken out against Steven, Detective Toosby says she’s confident that “there have been other victims…who have not come forward.”

“As we were working on the investigation and started looking into Steven Fernandez and his crew, [we] went on YouTube and saw those videos he had up,” she continued. It became clear this was his [motive]. They went around and tried to lure young girls who were enamored by his fame.”

Let’s just say… Steven’s Instagram handle, which is $CUMBEEZY, makes perfect sense.

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