Stephenie Meyer Says She’s ‘So Over’ ‘Twilight’ — A Twihard Responds!

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Twihards unite! Could it be, that the time to move on has really come? I for one, was blindsided by this outrageous Stephenie Meyer quote, stated during a recent interview (and have a funny feeling I wasn't alone). Meyer took to Variety Magazine to say she gets “further away everyday” from the blockbuster franchise that redefined a generation — and might I add, had Stephenie running all the way to the bank.

She went on to say “I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.” I’m sorry, WHAT?! Not a happy place to be? This is sufficiently awkward. I was kind of hoping she would rethink the Midnight Sun idea — guess I won’t hold my breath on that one. Stephenie, really? How am I supposed to react to this?

With the recent announcement of Twilight Forever, an entire saga box-set, complete with two hours of unseen footage, I don’t think Meyer could have picked a worse time to break the hearts’ of millions. If you thought I was a mess during the final scene in Breaking Dawn — Part 2, you haven’t seen anything yet. I may need to book a few more therapy sessions to recover from this one.

But perhaps we need to cut the author turned producer a break. She did live in a world of pale vampires, awkward teenagers, and gloomy Forks, Washington for four long years (don’t have too too much sympathy considering the pale vampire was Robert Pattinson… and the awkward teenager, Kristen Stewart…) Maybe Stephenie is simply prepared to take those next vital steps in her career. Venture out in order to create more movie magic, so us fangirls have something to fangirl over. We can’t be 90 years old, and still fawning over Eddie and Bells!

Twi-hards what do you make of all this? I love my Stephenie, and question whether this quote was taken out of context. Or maybe it’s time to turn a page, and put our beloved baby to bed… Start the debate in the comments!

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